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Founded in Puerto Rico in 1980, Softex Products Inc. is the island’s first paper converting company. Softex Products manufactures bathroom tissues, napkins and paper towels for both domestic and commercial use. The product line is also available for packaging under private labels. With more 40 years of experience in the paper converting industry, Softex Paper provides retailers the opportunity to broaden their private label paper category’s reach with highly innovative products and a responsive, service-oriented management team. Softex Paper’s industry knowledge coupled with its adaptability, creates the opportunity to build a customized program to exceed any client’s needs while ensuring the product is competitive with national brands in both price and quality. Softex Products’ global network of suppliers allows for the creation of a custom program to meet any needs. Softex Products is dedicated to the creation of high-quality products that remain sustain and environmentally friendly. Products are made from 100% virgin wood fibers to 60% and 40% recycled fibers. Softex Products proudly service apartments, restaurants, bars, catering, food industry, government institutions, malls, hospitals & other medical institutions, supermarkets and minimarkets, hotels, gas stations and educational institutions.


  • - Tissue-household and institutional
    - Paper Towel – Domestic and institutional
    - Dispenser Napkins, Lunch, Dinner & Cocktail

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Softex Paper products have made a name for themselves by meeting our customer’s needs, making quality products you can trust in your homes.

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