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Softex Paper will customize a program to meet your needs while ensuring that your private label is an attractively priced quality product that can compete with national brands.

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The products of Softex Paper consist of 60% and 40% recycled fiber and have no bleach or other chemical substances. Softex Paper offers you high quality whitout sacrificing the nature.


Best Price and Quality

Our high-quality paper products are the perfect combination of softness, absorbency and strength. We protect our high standards through strict quality control and testing. Softex Paper ensures competitive pricing by constantly looking for more efficient ways to manufacture top-quality hygienic paper products. As a result, our affordable products fit every budget.

Best Price and Quality


Hygienic production at Softex Paper is a very high priority. With a strict and constant hygienic control process in place, Softex Paper can check every detail in the process from raw material to its final product.


Ultra Comfort

In order to offer the best private label products, Softex Paper protects the quality of its paper products from the beginning to the end of the production process. The secret of the never-ending Ultra Comfort quality is a strict quality control process.

Ultra Comfort

Family Care

Softex Paper Products brands are at your side for more than 40 years to deliver value and performance.


Softex Professional

When you choose our products, you make practical choices without compromising on quality and value. All our professional products are engineered for specific tasks. Learn more about our solutions for your business.

Private Brands

It’s the people you trust who move your brand forward. Our passion for creating quality products has driven us to create several value and high quality products. The insights gained from our customers and users drive us to continuously explore new ways to create innovative product and improve our production proces. Softex Paper Products encourage entrepreneurial spirit, and experimentation in product development. Contact us and we will help you turn your ideas into a beneficial reality.

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